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Saturday, January 15, 2011 

2 years of nothing to go

With two more years to go before we can get a chance to elect real leadership in Washington. We are about to see the Senate go RINO. A call for bipartisanship seating has come forth from Mark Udall (D) Colorado, and RINO (I am going for payback) Murakowski of Alaska, for intermingled sitting during the State of the Union address. This is nothing more then a show for the propaganda wing 4Th State (commonly known as the press) to a make massive spin of a united Senate and Congress in support of a socialist President.

The democrats (progressives, socialist, Marxist, anti American jacka$%#@) in Washington want to try and pull more wool over the populaces eyes. By fogging the lines of applause for the President during his lie filled speech. Yes I said lied filled speech. He is going to tell us the economy is better when it is not. That he has created or saved (saved what the F%^& is that supposed to mean?) jobs.

Look it is simple. Congress is now controlled by moderates posing as conservatives. Only Time will prove them to be one thing or another. The Senate is still controlled by boot licking Obama brown nosers. The two are opposed theoretically on political principles. Those with common sense and those who are abscessed with power. In other words we are looking at getting nothing accomplished over the next two years in Washington.

I think that if the Dems can coordinate a simple message (unlikely), they could go on the offensive with the Republican House and push them to get specific on exactly what programs they'd cut by exactly how much, and then compare that amount to the deficit.

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