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Friday, December 17, 2010 

Pelosi, Dems alternate economic reality

Once again as Nancy Pelosi, soon to be former Speaker of the House, runs her spin on economics. We learn that Congress still does not understand that if you do not have the money then you cannot spend it. By still referring to the tax rates currently as tax cuts. One can see that these people believe that the money is and always will be theirs before the American people who work hard to earn it.

The LIE of these tax cuts (once again they are not tax cuts but a continuation of the current rates) will increase the debt by billions. This is economic spin and lies. You cannot take money you do not have and count on it to spend. This is deficit spending and it lands the average American in jail for fraud when we do it.

If taxes are not increased then you do not for the government have an increase of money. Yet Nancy Pelosi and other spenders want to convince us that this will increase the deficit. A lie, a big fat lie. What causes an increase in the debt is the continuation of spending more then we have. This is what Washington is doing. Spending money they do not have.

Once again it is a LIE to say that the extension of current tax rates are a tax cut. It is only a tax cut in "projected" figures of a wishful budget that these socialist want.

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