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Tuesday, December 21, 2010 

Like a spoiled child, the cry and throw a fit

Once again the truth about what happened is ignored in favor of playing politics and causing fear.
Two Arizona activists go public with disappointment and bogus outrage. Aldemar Cruz says, "this is war,white people watch out". Olivia Perez admits to being illegal and signing fraudulently on documents to stay in this country. Saying that "Latinos need to fight back. We need to march. We need to scream. We need to riot."

This is the typical attitude of the average Latino, pro open border, how dare you question me subversive that has snuck across the southern border into this country. Where is the real outrage at this?

We are inundated with these buffoons and their false madness, yet no one dares to call them on their RACISM. Pure and simple hate crimes, being committed by those who support hate crime legislation to protect one race over another. The implied threat to violence against only whites, all because pressure was placed upon Congress to stop the madness of allowing one group of people to sponge off of another. In this case, being ILLEGALS ALIENS to get a higher education at the expense of CITIZENS who cannot afford to get their own higher education.

So the activists cry foul and like spoiled children who do not get their way when told no. These people want to throw a fit, or in this case riots and violence. With the truth being told. These activists/subversives want to blame Republicans and the "hate filled tea party". Yet at least 7 Democrats stepped up to the plate and voted no on the Dream ACT as well. While several Republicans voted yes on this ridiculous bill.

It is far past time that the free ride for non citizens ends and better care and services for CITIZENS is provided.

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