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Tuesday, February 01, 2011 

The Egyptian Spin

Why is the fall of the current Egyptian government so important to the integrity of the United States? Well after 30 years of support and a semi quasi peace in the middle east, Egypt plays a major role in keeping the current status qua.

As Iran continues its pursuit of nuclear weapons , all in the name of peace. Hamas and Hezbollah factions fight for control of terrorist funds and armaments. The Israelis, are only true allies in the middle east find themselves between a rock and a hard place. There is no Moshe Dian to save them this go round.

Jimmy Carter received way touch credit for a peace treaty. The fact that the Israeli military kicked butt and put the Egyptians on the run and made the middle east rethink their position on genocide of the Jew for three decades. Now we find that despite local protesters in the United States trying their best to spin the leaders of this revolution as democracy pro advocates. We find that the Muslim Brotherhood is behind this. We also find that Islamic fanatics have been behind the revolt in Tunnisa and all over the middle east.

The aid from secrete meetings and communications from the White House have been leaked. Check the Drudge Report for these details. Local uprising enthusiast are claiming that this is all in favor of removing a dictator and oppressive regime from control in Egypt. A false hood and propaganda message being bought into by the MSM and doops here in the west.

The spin of a democratic government being placed in to control is like saying that the sun comes up in the west and sits in the east. It just is not so. The objective of this revolt and others happening and getting ready to explode in the middle east is to replace current governments that are considered liberal under Islamic radicalism and replace them with a anti west and Jew killing mandated fanatical theocracy. A cult controlled power hungry oppressive regimes.

How does this effect us here? Well it makes Sec. Cho very happy as gas prices will dramatically be inflated to reflect the unrest. Be ready for an easy four dollars at the pump by Memorial day. Look for the Obama administration to give fast double talk on supporting Israel while stabbing them in the back with no support for the only true democracy in the middle east.

A clamp down on our own freedoms in the name of security. Just look at the administrations new push to have a shut off button for the Internet.

Bottom line of it all is the worst of it. Look for war in the middle east. Blame the Israeli's first and foremost by the left for the whole thing, except for MSNBC, Mathews blames the Bush administration for everything.

All in the name of spin, to convince us that pro democratic groups are unhappy in the middle east.

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