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Sunday, March 06, 2011 

Micheal Moore has money

Once again the wannabe documentary film maker Micheal Moore opens his mouth and proves he is out of touch with reality. Earlier this week Mikey came out and said that we need to tax the rich even more. That the rich have money to burn. Though I point out that he had yet to volunteer any of his millions. Instead he is suing for more money on his lies about 9/11.

Now Micheal Moore is in Wisconsin stirring up the flames at the union protests. Claiming that America is not financially broke but morally bankrupt. Well yes I have to agree that America is corrupt. An administration that is definitely going to go down as the most secretive, cowardly, and wasteful we have ever seen. A lack of responsible fiscal sense and respect for this country is what we have in Washington. However to say America is not broke financially and that state governments along with the working class family can continue to afford to pay unions above average wages , retirement plans and health care that are Cadillac in nature compared to not having any at for the non union working families is ridiculous.

Moore seems to think that Americans are stupid and will continue to be pushed around by union thugs. That we do not notice the hypocrisy he himself lives by. A rich man Moore is , with a lot more money then most. Portraying himself like a baseball player, working class with a modest means of living no longer cuts the mustard when you have millions in the bank and more on the way.

Moore seems to think it is a fundamental right for unions to have their lives paid for by those with less. If this is the case why does he not reach into his pocket and pay for it himself. If he is so concerned about the unions retirements then why does he not subsidise the millions needed for the exempted from Obama care Unions to continue their lifestyles? Micheal Moore is nothing but a hypocritical, pompous ass. A leftist who does not have a clue on what is financially happening to our economy with these bloated union benefits.

Some one has to say it so I will. When Micheal Moore stands up and asks us to reach into our pockets to pay for those who have more, I say YOU FIRST! Pry open your pocket book and lead by example. Dig deep into your own fiances and start to reduce your life style to that of a real working family.

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