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Tuesday, March 01, 2011 

Why Unions are Obsolete

Unions are obsolete for one reason or another. The long held story of they protect the worker from poor working conditions is old hat and no longer applies. Since President Nixon signed into life OSHA (occupation safety & health administration) Dec 29TH 1970, and began operation on April 28TH 1971. The unions have become redundant.

OSHA takes care of all the work place problems. Massive laws have been passed on workers compensation. Hell there is a board that determines with workers compensation if you were terminated (fired) illegally. So what does the union do now for its members?

1) mandatory theft of pay to union coffers that pay six digit salaries to union officials

2) political payouts to political agendas that do not necessarily represent the union members.

3) dictate to members when and where they will work and for how much which includes how much theft of pay will result for this.

These are just the top three things the unions do for its members. Again I ask what do unions really do for their members?

The only ones who are getting rich with a union are its leadership, or the group of thugs in charge. Look around at the rank and file members of any union. Are they really getting rich. Compare the rank and file to the leadership of a union. Who has the nicer car, home, lifestyle? It certainly is not the member of the union.

Unions have played a large part in improving the work conditions in many occupations. However the time of the union is OVER. Now we have way too many governmental agencies that look out for the safety and well being of the worker to have a union steal a workers pay and taxpayer funds any more. OOPS did I say steal tax payers monies? YES I DID.

When I have to place away my own retirement funds at around 15% on top of all else that is removed on my paycheck. Then why the hell does a union member not have to. Instead a huge chunk of my taxes are going to retirement funds and health care payments so that a union member who makes more then I do does not have to pay into their benefit programs.

Seeing how the Teachers union is the one making the news right now let us look at a few things. A few facts that is.

1) Teachers do not work a full year. Fact, teachers have in most states and districts a minimum of four months a year off that they do not work. This is summer vacation, holidays, and different breaks during the "hectic and stressful " school year.

That is four months off with pay. Nice job if you can get it. Any other union out there get that benefit? Carpenter trades, mechanics, teamsters even?

2) Teachers get a job for life. When was the last time a teacher was fired for incompetence? I can not find on a google search any. Make it through in most districts the first year and become tenured. Meaning no firing possible. Some districts it takes three years but still. Wonder if any heavy equipment operators get that?

3) Double dipping. Teachers are allowed to double dip and face no repercussions. Many hold down a second job during the summer and off school day days. On top of that many get a year paid off called a sabbatical. This is usually for more education on their part or to write in higher education papers for publish on their field of "knowledge". In the education area this means three or four weekend lectures. A whole year off with pay for that? Shouldn't this be done on their own time with certain expenses reimbursement. Do engineers get this to upgrade their skills on new CAD programs? NOPE!

Remember teachers say that they are in it for the children. SO then why are there no uniformed national levels of education that help bring the kids up. Instead they are left to local or state levels where the children are taught to pass a test and not learn the subjects taught.

We see teachers out acting like the elementary kids in protests with needed adult supervision on their deviant behavior. They are not in it for the kids they are in it for their greedy selves.

When a person is paid for a service and then does not provide this service then pay must be withheld. If not then it is a waste of money. This is the situation we face and are in today. Paying for a service that is not being received.

A thankyou to unions for their past history is in order. Yet no thanks and loyalty or support is earned for todays unions.

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