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Thursday, July 21, 2011 

American History, 30 Years in the Making

It has been thirty years in the making, but like all things it comes to an end. today a little over an hour ago the Space Shuttle program and thanks to the Obamanation, the space program for the most part goes into mothballs.

A picture perfect landing at the Kennedy Center, in the dark before daybreak the Space Shuttle Atlantis landed concluding 135 missions over three decades ended. This with the blessing of President Obama. With the cost of a single Astronaut now being between 50 and 60 million dollars to go to space as this is the taxi fee we will now pay.

In addition to being pushed into the backseat in space exploration, an increase in unemployment will happen. This due to the lack of jobs in the space industry. An increase in needless spending as we now pay fees for faring people into space. Also, and maybe the most important aspect is the lack of innovation and tech we will no longer receive.

Just what has the space program over all brought us? Well if it was not for the space programs we would not have the lap top computer or the ipod and smart phones. It all began with the transistor which lead to the computer chip, then the micro chip. Satellite communications a daily use taken for granted.

Yes the private sector will be motivated and push a few innovations, but at what cost. National defense is compromised beyond belief from this. An increase in defense spending in able to place and use new programs for our safety. A function that was not talked about much in NASA. As they were a huge part of our national safety and protection.

The space shuttle was an advancement that took human kind deeper and further into the exploration of space then ever before. Although no shuttle ever left Earth's orbit the fact that it was a work horse is incalculable. Transporting material to the international space station (under funded by the United Nations, and supported by other space agencies), Americas part in moving further into space was placed on the back of the shuttle program.

Having been a bit on the inside of the space programs, a front row seat per say by having a Father who for 35 years worked in and on various exploration projects. An older Brother who is following in fathers footsteps, although be it with a now different company. I was fortunate to be woken up and watch the moon landings, the moon rover, the rise and fall of Skylab. Have an explanation from first hand of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions and functions of the craft.

To feel a heart pounding when the Viking landed on Mars, when the Venus probe made target and Voyager was launched and then reached the outer limits of the Solar system. All of these events capped by the shuttle program.

To my Father, and all those who have worked on the Shuttle program, and all space flight and exploration projects. Job well done, congratulations and Thank you!

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