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Wednesday, July 20, 2011 

Senators, RINO's and Liberal taxation

The Republican Congress has demonstrated some back bone and that it, at the moment is following the will of the people. By passing a Bill calling for 6 plus trillion in spending cuts, caps on spending and a Constitutional Amendment to balance the federal budget. This is what the people are wanting. Responsible leadership in Washington. Now those in the Senate are caving and showing that they are more concerned with power posts and keeping the status qua in Washington. This means a slowing in spending, not a reduction, continual borrowing of money, higher taxes ( what every liberal wants) and ignoring the people.

So far all of the Republican plans in the Senate have contained more taxation and a refusal to look seriously at spending cuts. More of the same old same ol. This is why those in the senate need to be placed on notice. If they want to keep their cushy jobs then listen to the people and do our will. This meaning a cut in, a huge cut in frivolous spending. Lower tax rates on businesses, to encourage investments, and closing of loopholes to special parties in the tax code. Also forcing those in office TO PAY THEIR DAMN TAXES!

For those liberals who read this and disagree let me be frank on how I feel about taxes. I work HARD for my money and I do pay. However I can not afford to pay more so that someone else can sit at home and do nothing. If you think I am cold hearted to bad. How about you. Seeing how you have so much money check that little box on the bottom of your tax form. Then write out a check and donate your money for some of these ridiculous spending programs?

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