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Saturday, July 23, 2011 

Obama and Impeachment

There can be absolutely no argument on this point. With President Obama threatening to stop pay for those in the military, unless he gets his raise in taxes and the debt ceiling. This action is at the least impeachable and not far from treasonous and subversive.

If this man is a Constitutional scholar as he claims to be. Then he would know that it is written clearly and specifically in our Constitution that the government will " Provide for the common defense". This means providing protection for the fifty states from enemies foreign and domestic. A national military force. In our case one made up of brave young men and women who volunteered to serve. Not only would this be a betrayal in a time of war the thought of such an act is treasonous.

How dare this man even consider speaking such a threat or even consider such an act. Should President Obama refuse to pay our military not only should he IMMEDIATELY be removed from office but tried as a traitor as well!

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