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Sunday, November 27, 2011 

Let's talk Republican politics

Haven't blogged in a while. Not a whole lot to say really. Same old same ol. The more things change the more they stay the same , right? Maybe not so. Could there be a change coming to the Republican party and a return to common sense in America? With the endorsement of Newt Gingrich by the main paper in New Hampshire, light is glowing from the end of the tunnel once again and it is not from the on coming train.

Now it is clear to anyone with any minuscule of intelligence that Newt has won every debate and is by far the smartest candidate in the race for the Republican nomination. Let's face it, Huntsman never stood a chance. His pro China and service to the current administration was not just red flags but communist red flags rising. Gov. Rick Perry, although a charismatic and leader in personality just does not have the presidential appeal. I like Perry because he claims to be willing to step on toes and reign in Congress. However his flubs and bloopers show his all to flawed side.

Ron Paul, are you for real? No one in their right mind should support or consider this extremist, isolationist and believer in the 9/11 insider conspiracy. Ron Paul is a wacko and should not even have a 1% of the support he has. Clearly this exposes a major problem we have in this country of distrust and ignorance by the American people.

Michelle Backman, I like her and supported her early on. Intelligent, knows the game and is moral, family oriented and not afraid to say it how it is (a Newt characteristic). It is just her whining after the last couple debates that are a turn off. Although she carries herself with dignity and class (the late nite music debacle). I do not feel that it is time for a woman president. The national support just is not here.

Herman Cain. What to say. The left has made up lies, thrown the mud and some of it stuck. just enough to send a suit to the cleaners but not enough to hurt him. What has hurt him is his lack of political experience, and national security ignorance tied to foreign policy.

That brings us to the MSM boy. A man who is nothing more then a RINO. Hello Mitt Romney. We all called it like we saw it with John Kerry. A poster child for flip flops in a Jimmy Buffet video, yet Mitt is worse. I do not know who speaks more out of the side of their mouths. Mitt or Obama. If there was ever a white version of the current Marxist in office it would be Mitt Romney. Pro Obama care, pro redistribution of wealth, pro which ever way the wind is blowing the loudest from Is Romney. This man is a bad choice and should not be the Republican candidate.

Fortunately Newt Gingrich is high in the polls. Full of intelligence, knowledge on the political game, and above all experience. Newt despite his trying to appeal to the open border crowd, is a conservative.

Actually listening to Newt is like getting a breath of fresh air in all this wefting dump of political intrigue.

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