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Monday, September 19, 2011 

Same old same old crap!

i have not blogged in a while, basically because there is nothing new to blog about. it is the same old story from the liberal elites. We know better then you , so do as we say not as we do. Class warfare in politics, lies about who did what, and a distinct don't give a damn by all in charge.

Rich socialist want more higher taxes for everyone, yet when asked why they do not give more of their money they never answer. It is a simple little box on the bottom of the tax form. Those who can and want to can give money to the government. They don't, instead they demand that everyone share in this.

The liberals blame those who create jobs for the lack of jobs. however all the proposals that they push forward kill growth and stagnate the economy.

Both parties in control are turning a blind eye to the truth of what is happening on the southern border. As the drug cartels encroach into sovereign American territory. American citizens are living in fear for their lives.

Is it time for a revolution of common sense and a reconstitution of this country. A taking back from those who have no clue and enforcement of the law as written not interpreted? Or should we just toss in the towel and call it quits?

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