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Monday, December 19, 2011 

Holder cries RACISM, and so do I

It was only a matter of time before this incompetent, biased , self aggrandising bigot threw out the race card. When we look at the facts of his incompetence and bigoted decisions that undermine any sense of justice or the pursuit there of. We see that his cry of racism is true. The problem is that he wants everyone to think of Attorney General Holder as being the victim. This in fact is a 180 degrees from the truth. A typical play by those who think themselves better then then the average American. In other words the left.

As someone once said, "with power comes responsibility, with great power comes great responsibility." Well Attorney General Holder guess what? YOU FAILED!!!!!

A lack of investigating and prosecuting of voter intimidation and fraud during the last two elections. Mainly by the Black Panther terrorist group. A lack of oversight and paying attention to his own office and what they are doing, fast and furious. No investigation at all into pay for play and political payback. I refer to the Solendra scandal among what is being quieted by the MSM in other so called green and electric endeavors of power sources and automotive innovation.

It seems to me that under the Holder era of mismanagement that if you are white and PRO AMERICAN you are not entitled to the protection and freedoms of the Constitution.

I cry foul and Racism on A.G. Holder. I say he is a disgrace to the human race and what we strive for. I claim racism by A.G.Holder in the car ring out of his duty. I claim it is he who is trying to deflect criticism of his inability and lack of competence of playing the race card. Claiming that just because he is African American it excuses him from being competent, fair , and tolerant of others. It is not the critics of him that are racist but Attorney General Holder himself that is a racist.

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