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Tuesday, June 05, 2012 

When Voting, something to think about.

  There is an outcry of "voter intimidation" now being pushed by our own DOJ. With political appointee and hack of a lawyer Attorney Genereal Eric Holder. Now Holder is not the only one crying fauxfoul on this. The left is in a outpoor of false implications and mas hysteria. Lets look at what is so omportant that you have to show a valed picture identification card and then look at voting.

You have to sow a picture I.D. to buy a movie ticket if you are getting a discount ticket, senior or student. Soometimes just buy the ticket to prove your meet the age requirments of the movie rating. To cash a check or write a check , places ask for a picture I.D. to make sure it is you cashing the check. To buy cigarettes you most definately have to show picture I.D. or to buy alcohol you need that little picture I.D. If you are pulled over in your car , better have that picture driver license or be hispanic , one or the other because the police are going to demand the picture I.D. even if it is for a busted tailight.

You want to go to the bar with your friends and watch the big game? Better be able to prove who you are or go home and watch on a small screen. Picking up mail at the post office? Best show that evil little I.D. there too. The local p[ost master requires identification in order to give you registered mail.

These are minor things when compared to the implications and importance of voting. Think about the vote for a minute. Here you are not only excercising your Constitutional right , but your responsibility as a citizen when voting. No one is saying you can not vote. What is being asked of American citizens is to make sure that no one is falsly voting in your stead. I know when it comes time to vote I am always among the first 10 to vote in my local precinct. I get up early go get in line and wait for the poll to open. Why,m to make sure that my name is correct on the rolls and that it is checked off for me and not some imposter. You say this does not happen. Well goggle yourself. I found in  my state mthat there are 46 people with the exact same name , spelling and birthday as me. Six of these people are of the opposite sex. I can not prove identitiy theft but, I do get a lot of denials for credit cards I have never applied for.

Your vote is not sacred , but itis imporatnat. In our form of a REPUBLIC DEMOCRACY it allows you your voice in the way things are done. You elect represenitives who supposedly represents a like way of thinking on issues. It gives you voice on other issues like tax hikes, levees, and which way the economy may go. Rather we have a strong or weak national defense.

With issues like this at stake is it too much to ask the government to make sure no one is using your name to misrepresent your thinking? To represent you yourself and cancell out your vote on an issue or political hack runniing for office? I think not!

So when you go to the poll to vote whats more important, proving that you ar who you say you are , or buying that next pack of smokes.

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