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Thursday, November 06, 2008 

RINO's blame Palin

What a joke! Now that the election is over the RINO's are showing themselves big time, and they are doing it by trying to be secretive about their backstabbing.

After running a failed campaign these RINO's are trying to push the blame off on Gov. Sarah Palin for a lack luster, poorly run p.r. and strategy. There poor sports and poor strategist want to put the blame on the only shinning spot in the election for the Republicans.

Blaming Sarah Palin is like blaming the sun for providing light. Not only is it wrong but demonstrates their cavalier attitude and left leaning bias. Although Sen. John McCain is strong on national defense his polices domestically leaned left. Sarah Palin and her charisma and beliefs are definitely reflective of the Conservative ideas.

The ploy of portraying her as being ignorant, and difficult to deal with is not only misleading and wrong. It smacks of lies and deceit. What is going on here is a rush to the left and an attempt to try and gain favor with the left MSM, as well as possible employers from the left in the future.

One can look deeply at the campaign and come to the conclusion that these staffers from McCain were actually plants that were working for the Democratic party to sabotage the McCain/Palin ticket. Something that is definitely arguable as to what was happening. An inside movement to hamper and sabotage the Republican ticket.

Gov. Sarah Palin was and is a breath of fresh air to the Republican party in years. She needs to be accepted and brought to the front now as a leader and someone we can get behind and support. With her, Michael Steele, and Bobby Jindal the Republican party can bring back conservative values and ideas.

This myth of moderates leading the party as a winning plan has got to be exposed for the failure it is and the RINO's must be forced into the party they truly follow. The Democratic party can have them and keep them.

As to the little "leaked" rumors and spiteful stories need to be taken with a grain of salt. They need to be seen for what they are. Attempts by those on the left and those who failed trying to hinder the conservative movement and cover their backsides for their short comings.

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