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Thursday, November 06, 2008 

To Soon, To Fast, wrong direction

President elect Obama has not even been sworn in yet and there are groups on the right calling for his impeachment already. Now this is just absurd and stupid. Claims of unconstitutional programs are sited as reasons for this. Obama has not implemented any of these policies as of yet.

The focus of these groups is wrong at the moment. Now after Obama takes office and implements his redistribution of wealth, then maybe they will be justified. However now there is not any proof of this.

If these groups want to start the rhetoric of anti Obama claims. Maybe they should start with demanding a fair background check into Obama's associations, a release of his real birth certificate, and a clarification of his policies.

Before they cry unfair and unconstitutional, an outline of what exactly he proposes needs to be seen. We have a very good indication that he is a socialist and has plans to lead from a position of feeling then of thinking. Yet he has not done so as yet because he has not been officially placed into office.

There are too many things about Barack Obama that need to be examined before a cry of impeachment is called for. All these groups are doing is to add cannon fodder to the left MSM in their attempt to categorise all of us on the right as nut jobs.

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