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Wednesday, March 11, 2009 

Foreign Priorities

Foreign priorities for our country are mounting to a level we have not seen since WWII. Why is this? It is simple. The liberals in office are to busy capitulating to other socialist and fascist world wide.

When you back down from bullies all you do is encourage them to intensify their campaign of oppression. Just take a look at what North Korea is doing and Iran. For the last three years we were told by all those on the left that Iran was years away and that they did not want to develop a nuclear bomb. Now all of a sudden in the last two weeks we find out that not only are they with in the year going to be able to build the bomb. Chances are that they will deploy it against Israel. How did this happen?

Simple the left was on the side of evil in this world and still are. As president Obamanation sells this country out whole sale. Prime example is how he is doing all he can to give away our strategic missile defense in eastern Europe.

North Korea is flexing its military power with threats of retaliation if their missile tests are denied. Launching tests of missiles that could hit the west coast. Now every year at this time N.Korea talks the talk as we hold military exercises with South Korea , Team Spirit is the name of the exercises. It is an annual event with units from Okinawa and those stationed in S.Korea.

Yet this year we have a new twist. North Korea has shut down the hot line and ramped up the rhetoric.To top it off China has loosened the reigns on Pyongyang.

Closer to home we have a much larger and more direct threat to the populace of this country. Mexico is in chaos along the border. The drug cartels are now working together to thwart the Mexican governments attempts at shutting them down. To add to this we have morons in congress both state and federal, who want to legalise mind altering substances. An administration with appointees that deny this threat and want to open the border even further than it already is. Janet Napalitano the Sec. of Homeland Defense is an open border MeCHNA, LaRaza supporter and anti law enforcement lackey of the subversive Reconquista elements that are undermining this countries south west.

Then there is Sec. of Labor Solias, Gov. Richardson, Rahm Emmanuel, among other Obama key players who are in favor of importing and giving citizenship to those who wantonly break the law. There is nothing wrong with the immigration laws now other then they are not enforced.

Credit must be given to Vice President Biden. He was correct in saying that this country would be tested in the first 6months of the new administration. Unfortunately it did not last even thirty days.

President Obama has time and again demonstrated his inexperience and lack of knowledge for good solid policy that will keep this country safe from harm. His wanting to hold talks with those who will not listen unless it is full compilation to their wants (the Taliban). His release of those who wish to kill us for no other reason then we do not fully accept their view on religion, ( Gitmo). President Obama has not only opened the door to disaster but invited it in to dinner while he parties and celebrates his new status in exorbitant fashion on a weekly bases of Wednesday parties.

The alienating of one of our oldest allies , Great Britain, our strongest ally, Israel, and the socialist aspects of failed European policies. President Obama neglects the closest problem. Mexico.

Mexico is a cesspool of corruption. Something that Washington D.C. is closely resembling. (You paying attention Nancy Pelosi?). The border is wide open and American civilians lives are in jeopardy on an minute by minute bases. Why you ask. Well open your eyes and see. The human and drug traffickers have no respect for our laws and our people. If we make a stand against them they have no problem with coming after us. Kidnappings are a huge business in Phoenix.

Mexican drug Cartels are taking over this country with street thugs who intimidate our populace and the populace of the ILLEGAL ALIEN. Through intimidation means (terrorist acts.). This is a concern that needs to be addressed as it boils out of control.

Texas has placed into action plans to call up the National Guard and all police agencies. This to prevent a mass invasion of people crossing the border. All Washington has done has been to criticise this action. Failing themselves to see the growing problems.

Sec. Napolitano has denied that there is any threat or incidents occurring on American soil, yet we have local and F.B.I. stats to prove that this has been happening for several years. Along with confirmed reports of Mexican Military presence on American soil. A clear violation of treaty.

So where do where do we need to place our priorities? Well you must take care of your own yard before you go into the neighbors. This would mean that the Southern border and Mexico is on the top of the list. Enforcement of the law and securing the border must be done. At the same time a clear message must be sent to the worlds little dictators that America , despite having incompetence in the White House will not stand for any bulling and transgressions against us.

This means not selling out the missile defense in eastern Europe. A continuing presence of military in South Korea. Then there must be no capitulation to Taliban and Al Quieda forces anywhere. A return to taking enemy combatants and locking them up under the Geneva convention rules as we have done with Gitmo detainees.

The left in this country must be curtailed and educated in reality. No longer allowed to take their false concept of fair play that is a sham and disgrace. New leaders, leaders with some experience and knowledge of the issues and what they are in charge of have to be placed into office.

Americans must put the pressure on elected officials to get their act together and not only pay attention to what is happening domestically but foreign as well.

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