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Tuesday, March 10, 2009 

Annoying Phonecalls?

Annoying phone calls from schemers and from bill collectors trying to bully you or get information from you? Well I have the way you should answer the phone from now on. Yes it is legal and it does make them think and wonder when you hang up on them. Not to mention it is fun to do it to them as well.

When I get these annoying calls I used to just use a simple thing like an OZONE SAFE air horn with a 5 second blast. But it became a little bothersome to my pet dogs as they would run and hide from the noise. Not to mention it was hard on my ears as well. Although I did enjoy knowing that the person bothering me on the other end was more then likely wearing a head set and couldn't hang up as fast as I could and that for the next ten to fifteen minutes they probably could not hear the jerk in the next cubicle next to them making the same bothersome phone calls.

So now what I do is answer the phone with the following recorded message.

" Hello, be advised that all calls to this number are being recorded. Therefore any expectation of privacy is now null and void as you have been informed. While I keep talking to you I also will let you know that this number is VIOP (that is voice over internet provider). I am tracing this call legally as I have the legal right to know who is calling me and where they are calling from. Now that I have kept you on the line for the required time, I know where you are and if you are legit. I am required by law to inform you that since this is a solicited call and I am on the no call list you number and address is being forwarded to law enforcement. If you want to leave a message go right ahead. I probably will not listen to it, but go ahead."

This is when I hang up on them.

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