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Thursday, March 26, 2009 

The economy improves?

Today we here how President Obama is claiming his stimulus package is beginning to work. That the economy is improving. Say what? Hmmmmm, a whole list of new lay offs is out. Jobless claims are still going up, but hey the Obamantion/messiah says it is all better. Go figure.

New details are available about the auto industry and how the Obamanation auto czars are ready to announce new plans for the industry. Yet not included in this is the fact that they still will not allow Ford to build a new engine factory. One that they have only in Europe, because building the factory here will bring baseless legal action from all the activists groups who oppose anything new and better. The news on this factory is that it builds diesel engines. Engines that get 50 miles to the gallon. Now would that not help out the energy problem? You darn tooting it would.

Reports that the economy is better go back to cardboard box sale being on the rise. They say this is a good sign? I say the sales are up because people need the boxes to store and move their possessions as they look for a new place to live.

Just a few things to think about this morning.

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