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Tuesday, March 24, 2009 

Press Conference?

President Obama just finished his second press conference. That is if you can call it that. It was more or less another poorly orated speech. Just like his administration the call for plans that have not been formulated as of yet but trust us we have a plan.

This press conference was terrible. It was full of lies. Plain and simple lies.

Lets start with saving jobs for the police. Yet in Chicago they are turning over and looking at giving the same authority to security companies to patrol and enforce the law. How does that save policemen jobs?

He says that he is for the Veteran and respects the veteran, yet he IS planning on taking away veteran benefits.

Let me clue you all in on his plan for the "legacy" assets. (they want you to call it legacy to OBAMA's mess to Bush). This B.S. that the private investor and the government ( which is you and I , private investors) are going to end up buying homes for those who should not have been approved for mortgages they could not afford in the first place. People we are going to buy these homes and get ZERO return on the purchase.

Obama and his cronies have no plan other then to seize as much power as possible as fast as they can. There is no plan to rescue this country from hard times when they make the times harder for us. Indentured servitude and complete dependency on the government is what they want.

He is asked about the deficit and says we have to spend more to get it under control. Anyone who sits down once a month and balances their personal budget knows you can not spend what you do not have.

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