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Wednesday, March 25, 2009 

Obama: The War is Over

It has happened. The war is over! The fact no one knows if we won or lost makes no difference. All we need to know is that the war is over. All the minor hostilities that are still occurring is trivial. The war is over. Haven't you heard?

It is no longer a war, it has been renamed an "OVERSEAS CONTINGENCY OPERATION".

What a relief to know that we are ready for contingencies and not open terrorist tactic urban gorilla warfare. One where INNOCENTS are the prime targets of our adversaries. Is not this great news? Washington/ Obama and his enlightened administration along with those ever wise and intelligent (LOL) elected liberals are able to save us with just the renaming of a conflict.

Wonder why President Bush didn't just rename it as well. Think of all the lives it would have saved. Instead of dieing to save us they would only be statistics of accidents brought on by misfortunes of misunderstandings internationally. Just a quirk of fate.

I can not wait till the border problem gets solved with a new name. One like the replacement of displaced migrant unemployed social misfits.

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