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Monday, March 02, 2009 

Hollywood, Iran, Foreign Policy???

Once again the liberal progressive thinkers out in Hollywood go forth to spread love and peace. In an attempt to kowtow to Iranian tyranny the Hollywood crowd traveled to Iran in hopes of improving relations with Islamic fundamentalist fascist.

So what happens when they arrive? A very cold and demanding shoulder. Criticism of Hollywood's portrayal of historical accuracy. How it has insulted the pride of Islamic liars and their position of how they like to see themselves in history.

Although there may be some truth to a few movies like the Wrestler and Mickey O'Rourke treatment of the Iranian flag in one scene. The fact still remains that historically the Persians, Iranian ancestors were aggressive and did try to oppress the rest of the known world at one time. The fact that they still want to has not changed. The problem is that the Islamofascist in Iran do not like being reminded that a corp group of 300 Spartans and several thousand other Greeks handed a major demoralising defeat to the Persian empire at a little place known as Thermopylae.

A false feeling of injury and insult over the accurate portrayal to the Iranian revolution were in fact extremists and terrorist held hostage for 444 days American citizens in the American Embassy. As they pillaged and tortured Americans. Is yet another one of the examples the Iranians are demanding apologise for.

So why Hollywood's feel good, liberal, progressive thinkers try to make an offering of a olive branch, it is thrown away by false bravado on the Iranian side.

So I ask if the Iranians decide to take the passports of these enlightened thinkers. Then hold them for crimes and insults to the Iranian and Islamic peoples. Should we as a country, using common sense in not traveling to that despicable country. Should we have to send in a military unit, one of which the Hollywood types despise, to go in and rescue these fools.

I see hate and unilateralism... Sorry for you for having such a mindset...

Having a mindset? HMMMM< why because the truth hurts your feelings? Why because I ask the question? The question being if Iran happens to pull these idealistic baffoons pasports and hold them in Iran. I ask do we have to go and bail them out? If you knowingly put yourself in danger, you expect someone to come and rescue your dumb ass? I say no. It is time for personal responsibility. You put yourself in danger thwen get yourself out of it. Do not expect someone else to always come and save you.

I am sorry for you and the fact you think that others have to support, provide, and wipe your nose. That you do not have the initiative to take care of yourself.

Fuck u, when we had a greateat multiculture empire in the world your ancestors were still monkeys playing on trees...

A multicultural empire? I do not think so. A persian empire yes, one that included enslaving anyoine who was not persian. As for my ancestors being monkeys well at least we have evolved. What happened to yours?

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