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Sunday, March 29, 2009 

Why America is Falling

Since the election of the Obamanation and the move by the leftist in this country to seize control over our lives. We have seen the acceleration of the downward spiral we call morality and the American way of life. The question posed should be how do we stop and reverse this process. How do we bring morality back and a sense of fair play when those who seek absolute power are corrupt and the power they corrupt is being made absolute?

This country was founded on certain principles of hard work and fair play. Key words hard and fair. Nothing in this life is fair and nothing is free. One has no more expectations out of life then to at one time or another to be cheated in the name of equality. One of the most lied about and twisted ideals there has ever been.

Some like to say that all men are born equal. What a falsehood. We are not. Some like to say that in the name of right and wrong we are all the same. Again this is false. Some people are born bigger , smaller , taller , stronger, smarter, wiser then others. So what. It is not what you are born with but how you use it and adapt it to your benefit.

Do you cultivate your skills and talents for private gain or for the communal good? Do you want to serve or lead your fellow man? What is your "calling"?

These decisions are what sets a community and the morals for this community. The good and evil that is in the hearts of the best and truest of man is no different in the loftiest or the lowest of each one.

When we apply "political correctness" to these truths it is then we see why this country, America is falling from grace and its leading role in the world. We see how the "evil" in man and the lack of serving our fellow is compromised and forgotten.

The biggest oxymoron out there today is the liberal term of "ENLIGHTENED, PROGRESSIVE THINKER". This can not be farther from the truth when applied to those who call themselves this, and they are beginning to realize it. Few are still accepting the term for their ways anymore. When they call them selves ENLIGHTENED, they are in the dark. PROGRESSIVE is a spin on the progress that they refuse to make, when the direction is backwards. THINKER, where do you start on this. If you rationally look at their thinking you find very little to none at all.

What we have is an assault by those who think themselves wise and smarter then the whole. These people we have determined to be on the left, or the extreme right. They are wanting to control their fellow man, all the while reaping the riches of the labor of the whole for their minority.

The school system for decades now has been dumbing down our society with their lies and half truths on all matters of learning. Why, so that in their minds we become equal. This is backwards to what should be done. Instead of dumbing down one segment of humanity should not we raise the intelligence of the other segments? This would be progressive would it not? Lowering standards is not creating any sense of equality but massive inequality. Drilling into the grey matter of the youth that they are not good enough to know better or capable of being better, and using their unique qualities to better themselves.

The world is not a better place for this as this breeds hatred and loathing among different groups. The haves versus the have nots. A social economic problem. We see this in the political speech we call class warfare. Posing one group against another by pointing out what one group has achieved versus those who have not successfully earned these benefits or goodies of the other.

Hence we have a welfare state in which those who do not have the get up and go to earn something complaining and demanding that which they have not earned. Thus it is unfair and unequal. A lie and an attempt to separate humanity by the sin of greed.

This is the biggest flaw in communism and socialism. The needs, wants, and desires of man. It leads to the feeling of life not being fair and that someone is cheating someone. Does this happen? Sure, it is part of mans nature to cheat his fellow man. But it is also in mans nature to resist that temptation and help his fellow man. It is called making a choice. Serving and or leading your fellow man.

The left however does not see it this way. They have told us over and over again that achievement over you fellow man is wrong. It is unfair. It leads to inequality. Lies, lies , lies!
What it has done in historical aspect is lead to achievement and creativity. It inspires man to get off his backside and do something. The competitive nature in man drives us to achieve and create. It is not wrong, it is a good thing. Thus we have capitalism. A system in which man can use ingenuity and be creative.

A healthy environment of competition which improves are standard of living. If it was not for competition we would never have a flat screen television with HD and the cable/satellite channels.

Competition between two societies lead to the initial space race which in turn gave us the transistor and then the computer chip and now the micro chip. We have cell phones, black berries, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, Schwinn, BMX, a plethora of choices. All of which would never have been if not for competition. Competition which is capitalism.

Another key factor in human nature is the fact man needs to believe. We have an inherent need to keep faith that there is something better, a power, and reason for going on in life. Whether this be in religion or in a philosophy.

However the left and the extremist would have you believe in only what they tell you to believe in. That there is no GOD. That there is only one faith. That man is the root of all evil and can never be good. That forced generosity and Charity is the only thing that will save man and this planet. The do as I say not as I do mentality that is what we cal bureaucracy, or the ruling elite.

America is falling but not do to the lack of its citizens overall. IT is falling because of certain twisted and perverse ideals of inequality and unfairness that do not exist except in the minds of those who who wish to control and dominate their fellow man.

A cap and trade if you will on human nature. Setting a cap on creativity and punishing those who strive to achieve. Then trading human nature for their own selfish wants. This is why America is failing. Not do to a few greedy corporations lead by greedy CEO's. This will correct itself. Man has a strong sense of fair play and will say enough is enough in time. You can not cap and force man to stand up if they choose not to.

Those who for eight years claimed we were being oppressed lied to us. Look at their stance on anything. It is they who are the true oppressors. They are the ones killing this country by trying to stifle mans creativity and nature. Without the rewards of achievement man will wither and die.

This is what is happening to America. It is withering and dying. Restrictions on mans choices are what is wrong. Not mans willingness to strive for a better way of life. The removal of faith and belief in something better denies the soul and removes the hope of change for the better.

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