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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 

Advice for the Republicans in Washington

Now that the liberal American hating left has control of the House and it would appear that with Al "I am a whiner" Franken having a 60 member control of the Senate. That the liberal left and socialist will ram down through all of their socialistic big brother plans. With the Conservatives and few RINO's who see the writing on the wall. they know that they basically are sitting around collecting a check from the tax payer.

Well a little advice. In what committees that they still have a say in. They should stone wall ALL NOMINEES. Not just the liberal from the bench Judges that surely are going to be nominated, but in all subjects.

When Congress and the House are called to the floor they should all stand up and walk out on Pelosi or Reid and Bided. Do not sit there and listen to their prepared propaganda lies. They should hold press conferences at all times. As the socialist announce more of their tax and spend plans. The Republicans need to go on a massive p.r. offensive. Let the public know in detail how poor this agenda is. Give the conservative response and better plan.

At every turn they need to expose the liberals for what they are. Arlen Specter has already exposed himself for the power hungry bureaucrat that he is. That he really does not care about his constituents , only being in power. This is what Pelosi, Reid, Rockefeller, and the ilk are worried about. What they want is to remain in their positions of power over us , the citizenry.

If the Republicans want to regain some seats in both the House and the Senate they must adopt an attack attitude. They must go on the offense and be willing to wrinkle a few liberal noses.

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