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Monday, April 27, 2009 

Epidemic can be prevented some what

Why the left and so called Democratic leaders want to play politics with the out break of this Mexican Swine Flu. We can prevent some of it, or at least isolate it to a degree.

Democratic leaders are reaching far on this one. Blaming Republicans for the recent outbreak of flu. Their claim to hysteria is that the Republicans refused to let some $900 million worth of spending in to the economic porkulus bill. The fact preparations has nothing to do with the economy is irrelevant. What matters is the FACT that this virus originated in Mexico. That all cases reported around the world have originated in Mexico, and that many nations are now testing all incoming from this region of the world.

Yet Janet Napolitano originally said that there was no need for testing of passengers from Mexican flights. Or the fact that Obama has yet to fill the Surgeon General position and the administration staff there in. An empty 19 seats for people who's job it is to lead during a situation like this.

Mean while Russia is banning all beef exported from the United States to their country as well as checking all flights and passengers for the virus from here. The European Union has put a warning on travel to the United States. Telling vacationers and business personal to avoid all travel to Mexico and The United States. Some faith there huh?

The World Health Organization said there were 40 confirmed cases in the U.S. but no deaths. Yet the numbers are on the rise. With over 108 confirmed deaths so far in Mexico the number here is surely to increase. Why?

With an open border and ,many seeking medical attention in the United States. We see a whole lot of sick people with Tuberculosis, Chicken Pox, and Leprosy come across the southern border . These people so far have not sought to cause problems, (yet they do), but rather they are seeking medical attention from a system that is the best in the world. Not to mention free to non citizens.

Myself and many others for years have warned that just such a situation may develop. Now we have one. We may not be able to stop the out break of this virus, but we can slow the spread of it down.

We have in place a screening system for those who wish to enter this country. It is a medical screening. It identifies possible health threats that we may face. This is why the border cannot be left wide open. People enter through the LEGAL ports and are screened. If they have a contagion, then it is identified and isolated.

Is this so hard to understand? It is if you are a bleeding heart progressive thinking liberal. The fact that it may be inconvenient to have a medical examination to enter this country is not a violation of human rights. As a matter of fact it more then likely would save some poor souls life by getting them the medical attention that they need sooner rather then later. We have to control the borders of this country not just from would be terrorist. We have to secure them for medical and societal reasons as well.

Do not let idiots like House Appropriations Committee chairman David Obey, play the blame game on this. There is enough blame to go around politically and with those in Washington. When yours and my safety and health are at risk because some lunkhead in Washington D.C. wants to play politics over certain issues. Issues like border security, filling vacant government positions with incompetent fools. Then it is high time you and I get more active in whats at stake.

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