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Monday, April 27, 2009 

Janet says not to worry

Sec. of Homeland Defense Janet Napolitano says closing the border is not the answer to the current growing swine flu virus from Mexico.

"We're already doing passive surveillance at the border," Napolitano said. "You would close the border if you thought you could contain the spread of disease, but the disease is already in a number of U.S. states."

So in response I have to ask then. Just because we have a few known cases here then it is OK to let it spread? What an incompetent imbecile we have in Janet Napolitano.

Napolitano said Sunday night that there was no "realistic hope of containment" that would motivate a border closure.

I suppose then that if we had a military invasion from south of the border she would poo poo it as well. This is amazing As I said in my last blog. When we secure and close down the border only allowing entry through controlled ports. We can then screen for such health issues as this swine flu.

When asked about the asymptomatic flu carriers who could enter the country, Napolitano stressed the need for personal responsibility in preventing the spread of the disease. S I suppose that the security of this nation is a personal responsibility too? Is this person for real?

Talk about being out of touch with responsibility and the real world. Janet Napolitano's job is to try and prevent this sort of thing. Her passing the buck off to personal responsibility just demonstrates that Obama has worthless, incompetent fools working for him.

Napolitano has got to go. She is no longer just a joke in office. She poses a real threat to this country.

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