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Friday, April 24, 2009 

What I am looking for in a candidate

I do not advocate a third party but am distinctly disgusted with the Republicans and after the abysmal failure to produce a credible candidate last November. I left the Republican party and became an Independent. Now with the outlook for someone to get into federal office. Someone who is not a yes man like Udall, or an appointed yes vote for the liberal socialist left like Bennett. I figure maybe I should list some of the issues and hopeful stance that the candidate I will support should have.

The Economy: get government out of the private sector and out of businesses. Reduce the extra red tape and let the free market correct itself. (I have faith in the average person) My candidate should have faith in the American people as well.

Taxes: lower taxes and push for a flat tax rate. This way there is to be no lop holes for the liberal rich left to cry about and use for themselves. Lower business taxes so that companies will bring manufacturing back into this country and not take it overseas or to Mexico. Raise the tariff on countries that do not want to play ball. This means reducing foreign aid as well to them.

Push for investigations into the insurance companies and the kick backs into congress. It is the insurance companies that have the health care system messed up. Remove any notion of a national health care scam. The services provided in this country are the best in the world.

Immigration: enforce the LAWS!!!!!!!!!! No amnesty for anyone from any country. Secure the borders both north and south. This means taking an active part in the enforcement of law in Mexico as well as America when it comes to our border and Citizens.

International Piracy: No quarter given. Provide security in the form of Navy escort of some kind. No negotiating with pirates, they are terrorist of the seas. Sink them and their ships when found.

Global Climate Control: Someone who listens to the real science and not the politically correct Propaganda that is being spewed. Removal of the United States from all treaties that punish and fine this nation for violations of other countries. Management of the environment is the key not bowing to it.

Judicial Appointees: someone who will back the confirmation of judges who do not legislate from the bench and do not interpret and listen to foreign law over the Constitution.

Energy: someone who will use a little common sense and allow some drilling , while at the same time institute Nuclear, Wind, Solar, and other alternative energy strategies that will keep us from being dependant on fossil fuels from other unfriendly Nations.

The Military: Someone who understands how the military is works and should be used. Someone who will not cry foul every time the military fires a bullet at an enemy and then calls for a congressional investigation to determine if it was a human rights violation because we are at war and the soldier was protecting himself from being killed.

Foreign Policy: A person who understand that the use of force is a last measure but that does not mean it should never be used. Someone who understands how the term "walk softly but carry a big stick" should be implemented.

Further more I want a Senator that has no connections to Chicago politics at all.

Hell Maybe I should run?

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