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Thursday, April 30, 2009 

Chrysler in a nutshell

President Obamanation is giving his speech on the Chrysler bankruptcy at the moment and to boil it down into a nut shell here is what has happened.

Obama did not like the fact Chrysler refused to meet his demands on them. So he has taken it upon himself to see that his idea of green automobiles are made. Obama has sold Chrysler to FIAT on his terms and not the majority of share holders terms. He has authorised an additional 8 billion dollars in loans to FIAT in order to keep Chrysler open. These loans are to be paid back before FIAT can take controlling interest in the company.

Again in a nut shell Obama sold Chrysler to FIAT. Chrysler was forced to sell.

If you have a company or are a share holder in a company better think about what to do with your stocks and money. This is a major power grab and illegal move by government to control the PRIVATE INDUSTRY in AMERICA.

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