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Wednesday, April 29, 2009 

Is it time to worry?

For the average American who goes about his/her life just doing their thing. Getting up in the morning , going to work, going to play on the weekends and enjoying their freedoms. Is it time for them to worry about their freedoms? Yes it is time to worry and it is time to be concerned about what is happening in Washington D.C.

Now that the Socialist have control of two out of three government entities, the Legislative and the executive. How long before they end up with controlling interest in the Judicial branch of government? When this and if this happens, the trifecta will be complete and an end to the America we grew up in will happen.

For the last thirty years we have seen a complete lowering of standards fro public education. A battle is still taking place on the education front. As more people wake up to the fact that their children are not being taught the fact as of the truth on history, math , science, or and yes believe it or not English. I to am a victim of the lack of a sound English education. Many parents are trying to opt out and home school their children.


Here they can teach their off spring family values, a respect for their religion, and manners. However the liberal entrenched teachers union is fighting this tooth and nail. In California they have worked to discredit home schooling. The teachers union is working against vouchers, charter schools, private schools. Any thing that represents a better education and does not support propaganda.

We see an attack against the First amendment in the form of protected hate crime/speech for one group over others. No where in the Constitution does it say that a selected group will and shall have more rights and protection from other groups. Yet even as I type this we have being pushed through Congress a bill that could and will be used by the A.C.L.U., (the American communist liberation unit). This bill is aimed at speech against the Homosexual community. Providing them extra protection if they feel that they have been insulted for their life style. However this bill does not protect heterosexual people for their life style when the homosexual crowd attacks them for their opinions.

Once again we see legislation that grants certain entitlements to homosexual couples but denies the same for normal couples. (oops did I say normal? yes I did and I mean that normal versus homosexual!) Why should homosexual couples in Colorado for instance. Be allowed to after one year be granted the same privileges and benefits of a married normal couple, while a couple or heterosexual inclination who has been together for the same time be denied the same benefits of health coverage, and other insurances? This is not fair but it is happening all across this nation.

The attack on the second amendment has been under way for some time. Now the restrictions are going to be even tighter and punish the law abiding citizenry. Look at H.B. 45. This bill violates not only the second amendment but the fourth as well. What it does is say that if you own one firearm you are now In the category of a dealer because you can sell this weapon at any time. Therefore you must keep the weapon locked and ammo in another room. That authorities can enter your home and inspect to see if you are in compliance with this. An invasion of your home without warrant by the government.


There is also the push to make any weapon that holds a magazine with 6 or more rounds illegal. This includes just about every auto ever made and will be interpreted to include revolvers. most revolvers have six a six round cylinder.

The government is now under the greenies and Obama, trying to dictate how we live our lives. In New York the assault is on against foods. This is backed with the latest science fiction report that over weight people are major contributors to global warming.


The global warming propagandist are in full attack mode. With slickster Ken Salazar as Sec. of the Interior. We have seen a move backwards in common sense applications to business. With the reversal of certain policies put into place to ease the over regulations on environmental restrictions by the Bush administration. We see that despite the propaganda by Obama that the energy industry is going to go under. All because they can not update or build new facility's.

US Interior revokes Bush endangered species rule Reuters

White House push to nullify mining-waste rule San Francisco Chronicle

Secretary Salazar Rescinds Bush Regulations Weakening Endangered ... Center for Biological Diversity (press release)

Obama, Salazar on Renewable Energy on the Continental Shelf - peak oil Cherry Creek News

Obama/Salazar Decision on Offshore Wind Hailed as 'Biggest Federal ... PR Newswire (press release)

4/21: Ken Salazar's new energy pipe dream Face The State - Colorado

The A.C.L.U., a witch hunter group for the left, is attacking common sense. This time as they work for the left behind the scenes in Washington. Now they are taking on not only Boulder Colorado, but Colorado and the U.S. Constitution. Saying that somewhere in the Constitution there is the inalienable right to be naked in public.


This stems from a ridiculous case where some people were arrested for their participation on the great pumpkin race. This is where they strip down naked and then place pumpkins on their heads and run around Boulder. Now I am sorry if this is considered wrong, because it is. Those arrested were charge with sex crimes. The same as a flasher in the park who exposes themselves would be. It is THE SAME. However the A.C.L.U. seems to think this is OK. and that those arrested should not be charged with the possibility of having to register as a sex offender if found guilty. (well then flashers should not have to register either and then those who are caught urinating in public should not have to register either.. after all it is only fair , right?)

The left want to impose their selected values upon every one with no concern for those who oppose their standards and set the bar a little higher then the gutter. For those the left would and is working to eliminate their rights.

Now we have all heard how President Obama is working hard to help the auto industry. However in truth he has done more damage to the industry and the private sector (being the stock holders) then a bankruptcy ever could have. It also is a political payback to the unions for giving support to the left and their socialist candidates this last election.

Massive GM restructuring plan includes swap of debt into stock - Apr 28, 2009

Remember in his speech how he would create or save three million (3,000,000) jobs. Well they will not be in the auto industry that's for sure.

GM to cut 21000 US factory jobs, shed Pontiac

There are more examples , and I could go on and on about the economy and how it is suffering under the socialist agenda. Loss of jobs averaging 600,000 per month. Businesses moving out of country and taking jobs with them because of higher taxes. The GDP drops more then expected , down 6.1%. SO where are things getting better.

Look folks, socialism has failed every where in the world so why are we trying to do it here now. Yes it is time to start worrying. This is not the hope and change promised in the 2008 election campaign.

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