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Monday, April 13, 2009 

Forgive the Pirates, they were teenagers

Just what does this mean?

Sec. of Defense Robert gates said, confirmed by a Pentagon spokesman, "The Somali pirates who took a US merchant captain hostage for five days were heavily armed but inexperienced youths." adding that they were only aged 17 to 19 years old.

So what? Who cares. These youths tried to seize a ship under the flag of another nation. It was an act of piracy! A CRIME people, not a Sunday joyride in daddies car. These youths took automatic weapons and RPG launchers, tried to hold others hostage for ransom, and they are doing it still.

Is Sec. Gates suggesting that we should feel guilty and ashamed that they were not trained as well as the U.S. Navy SEALS? What is going on here? Why the outpouring concern for criminals and terrorists.

Should we go in and train these thugs so that they can better execute their crimes in a more efficient manner. Is this what they are saying? When will these liberal progressive thinkers realise that they are out of touch with reality. That criminals are criminals and their actions should not be rewarded.

That just because they may be teenagers the act of piracy is still an act of piracy and best not be taken lightly.

When are we going to get some back bone in the government and do what is right, not what is popular. To be frank and brutally honest. These pirates, like the terrorist need to be isolated and killed. No mercy. No reeducation crap. These people will not show mercy to their victems. So why do we have to play by these false rules that only the United States is held accountable for.

Leftists, progressives, and liberals all retort that if we don't play fair, and take a hard line we lower ourselves to their level and invite more violance.

News Flash people. It is past time to make a stand. By going down this path of capitulation we are inviting more and more acts against us.

Put simply, there comes a time and place when you have to stand up to the school yard bully. you can run to the teachers all you want. However when you are the teacher and have no one to run to what do you do? Take a stand and when push comes to shove be more then ready to not only shove back but get in to the mud and fight.

Bullies do not understand a time out, or a talking to. They do however understand a black eye and a bloody nose.

If here in America a teenager takes a gun and robs a liquor store. Chances are he will be tried as an adult and face prison time. If he pulls a gun on a police officer he runs the risk of being shot. This goes for the pirates. They pull a gun an try to take property in international waters that does not belong to them then they need to beware.

Do not try and make me feel guilty about the conditions in Somali as a justification for 17 to 19 year old being excused for committing crimes. Do not play the race card or the fat American living off the backs of others either!

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