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Sunday, April 05, 2009 

Obama is weak and the world knows it

I asked in an earlier blog what would John F. Kennedy do. Well we know that President Obama will do nothing. Obama is either extremely weak, with a huge yellow streak running down his back. Or Obama is still hiding his disdain and hatred for the one country that provides freedom for the world.

I personally think it is a combination of the two. I do not think Obama has a brave or righteous bone in his body. Or one that you would call pro American at least. Several major problems with this is as follows.

1) Venezuela: Selling and giving arms from its new Kalashnikov factory to elements trying to destabilize central and Latin America.

2) Venezuela: building and receiving arms , bases, and advice from the former Soviet Union

3) North Korea: thumbing their nose and launching test rockets that now have the capability to hit Hawaii and possibly hitting the west coast with nuclear capabilities.

4) North Korea: developing and selling nuclear missile plans to countries that should give every child in the United States nightmares for their own grandchildren to cry over. (Iran, Lybia, Pakistan, Afghanistan)

5) Iran: building centrifuges that turn out nuclear fissile material that is capable of being used in nuclear weapons.

6) Iran: calling for the elimination of a sovereign nation, Israel.

7) Iran: buying nuclear information, technology, and missile components from North Korea.

9) Turning over final authority to our financial system to the European socialist. The FSB authority.

10) World Poverty Act: legislation in which Obama sponsored during his 146 days of actual senatorial employment. This act com mites 845 BILLION dollars not being included in today's deficit to other nations while our country has financial problems.

11) Seizing control buy usurping the Constitution private industry and then not relinquishing control back to the private sector.

12) Installing incompetent administration secretaries that weaken and remove security along our national borders, thus allowing enemies and subversive entrance into this country.

13) Publicly supporting subversive groups that are undermining this country (ACORN, LaRAZA, CAIR)

Obama is a weak man. He has no spine and cares not for this country but only his interests in the Marxist evolution of government. A government outline that has failed every where in this world and in history.

If he were a truly great American and President he would be more forceful in the transgressions of rouge states, speak out against tyranny, and support the American citizen. Instead he seeks to subjugate the American and destroy our way of life in favor of a new socialist/Marxist order.

I am not American, I am Egyptian. and i have to say that the biggest mistake of your history is voting for Obama.
Bush was a great leader . Mcaine would have been ideal president.

one more term for the democrats and you have to forget about USA empire !

putting Europe under Russia mercy
refusing to meet the dalilama
bowing to Iran.
in one year he managed to destroy what have been built for decades and it will take another decade to fix the damages .

eastern Europe lost trust already , a country which changes its policies by changing presidents doesn't deserve to be TRUSTED!

a Huge betrayal to Ukraine and Georgia and eastern Europe

USA has bended to Russia, china , Iran , N Korea .

this is not the USA which I know.

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