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Sunday, April 05, 2009 

Here comes the scrubbing crew

It would seem that even the eyes of the great en slaver are upon this humble little blog.

In the recent last few weeks great blogs and information news cites as Michelle Malkin, Atlas Shrugs, and some others have been attacked by the left and the Internet cleaners. Now it would seem I am being hit as well. I do not know if this blog or my last one criticizing Obamanation will be seen y others. I was informed that the content was inappropriate and not up to standards. It refused to publish my last blog for over an hour. I think it is now published. At least I see it as published but then again I am still on the same computer.

We have seen wikipedia clean up entries and gloss over or ignore facts about our President. Key facts that our important and need to be out there. We have seen a rewrite of history concerning the cold war. How it was Gorbachev not Reagan who brought the end to this war.

We see that those who defend and write about the founding documents of this country are being censored and ridiculed as fringe elements. All false hoods.

SO warning to all who read be ready for the truth to be censored and outlawed.

I have been the victim of this same kind of attack for quite some time now. I have catherinemacivor.com and her loyal obamatrons attacking me all over the internet on a daily basis.

The post lies and half truths about Obama and chastise and lament about anyone that disagrees with them.

I am adding a link on my site to your site. Thanks for the input.

John De Gennaro

John, I am sorry to hear of yet someone else who is under censorship from the left. I thank you for the link.

As the X Files would say " The truth is out there".

As more and more people turn to the internet for information. It is shameful that the media, those who call themselves journelist would be so anti 1ST amendment.

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