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Tuesday, May 26, 2009 

Colorado openly discriminates against Hetrosexuals

On this day when we look to see the Supreme Court of California once again thwart the will of the people on a vote, proposition 8. We have here in Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter openly discriminate against heterosexual couples in favor of homosexual couples.

Gov. Bill Ritter this week quietly signed into law a bill that will allow gay and lesbian state employees to share benefits with their partners in the way married couples do. Senate Bill 88 give benefits to same sex couples who have lived together and made a commitment to one another the same bennies as a couple who is married. The discrimination part here is that couples of a normal sexual orientation who are not married yet have been together just as long and even longer are still denied these benefits.

This is simply nothing more then discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Nothing more than that. If a man and a woman decide to share their life, raise a family , yet not get married. They are, under this law denied benefits that a same sex couple who may be together for a year.

Gay rights activists hail this as a step in the direction of equality for all. The question is all of who? It clearly gives special privileges to a select group over another. That is opposite of equality by any definition. If there is to be any true equality in thinking of this line of progressiveness. Then benefits must and have to be given to all who are in the work force. Not to a select political group with the squeaky wheel.

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