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Monday, May 25, 2009 

How is the talks going buddy

So how are the talks of we can all get along in peace going for the Obamanation? It does not look like they are going very well. On this day when we reflect and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our rights and freedoms. We need to remember that their sacrifices were bought and paid for with their lives in blood , sweat and many, many tears.

As President "deny the truth" Obama runs around claiming that we can talk to everyone and apologise for everything, making it all alright, goes on with his ignorance. We see that Ahkmoot Muhamadidmydad (President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran) has sent Navel warships to the gulf of Aden. These ships are a clear message to President Obama and the rest of the world that Iran is wanting and almost ready to make a play for control of the middle east. It is a reemergence of the Persian Empire and a play to become the center of the World, under Islamic rule.

With North Korea conducting yet another banned nuclear test. ( North Korea nuclear test a "grave concern": http://www.reuters.com/article/politicsNews/idUSTRE54O14220090525?feedType=RSS&feedName=politicsNews&sp=true ) This time on a scale comparable to that of the Hiroshima blast. The connections of these dictators becomes even more clearer. North Korea is developing the final stages of the tech that makes the bomb while Iran in the last few weeks is improving the delivery methods of the bomb.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday rebuffed U.S. calls for a full settlement freeze in Israeli territory. Just days after Obama came on international television and made his goody two shoe speech of how Israel will kowtow to his wishes. Israel has done what needs to be done, and stood fast on their own. Not bending to the pressure of Palestinian thugs and thuggish friends. Israel will defend and conduct their government and affairs as they see fit. Headlines call it defiance of Washington. Netanyahu defies Obama on Israeli settlement freeze. Why because Obambi is not getting his socialist ways.

In China Pelosi is scheduled to attend a clean energy forum in Beijing on Tuesday along with Senator John Kerry, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. (Kerry talk about incompetent). Yet the big meeting on fiances, which is the real reason for these yahoos to go to China. has yet to be set and the Chinese officials named.

So I have to ask how goes the talks then. It would seem that there is a lot of lip service coming out of Washington , yet very little progress. It would appear that while Obama and his apologist ask for forgiveness from the world for imagined transgressions. The world laughs and ignores the weakness on display from our so called leaders. Nothing but hot air and contributions to "global warming" carbon dioxide levels are being created.

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