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Thursday, May 14, 2009 

Who pays for this?

With all the new spending, well not new but expanded to the tenth degree. With all the spending coming out of Washington, State Government, and local morons. Just who is going to have to pay for this, and exactly how is this going to be paid for. Well as anyone who is fiscally responsible has been pointing out since the left started campaigning in 2007. It will be paid for with new and unjust taxes.

Just what taxes are we talking about, Obama is not raising our federal taxes? Yeah right, just wait till you look at the tax tables next year when you file. Any ways, lets look at the absurd things going on here. I won't even begin to touch the taxes that are current and going up. Taxes that are related to cost of living that we have really not seen the full negative effect of yet. Those that are being described as fee increases.

Instead let us look at what is being proposed to fill the gap in budget shortfalls do to the lefts feel good expanded government benefit programs. In Colorado here they have gone once again after a specific group of people, smokers. An increase of state tax on an already over taxed LEGAL activity. In Rhode Island, the mayor in Providence wants to tax students attending collage. An extra $150.00 dollars per semester. Seeing how they know that people will not go for an increase in enrollment fees to support a lack of budgetary local responsibility. They will get the money through a tax.

Federally the knuckleheads in the Democratic party are looking to go after consumption commerce. Another federal tax hike on cigarettes and also on alcohol. Just like in Oregon where they raised the tax on beer by an unGodly sum percentage wise.

In New York let us not forget how they want to go after foods and sugar. The claim is that it is all for the health of the public , when in fact is nothing more then an extra tax to cover their lack of being able to balance a budget do to over spending on NEEDLESS social programs of feel good policy.

This is only the beginning people. As the Socialist in Washington push their agenda of destruction on this country and capitalism. They will seek more and more absurd ways to fund their entitlement programs. If history shows us anything, it has clearly shown us that these entitlement programs are killing this countries economy. As baby boomers retire and DEMAND their social security, medicare, medicaid funds. They forget it was they who stole from the coffers to already pay for entitlement programs and that THEY have already spent this money.

Just exactly who is going to pay for this debacle? It is you and I along with our great, great grandchildren who will be paying for it. Despite the spin of "I inherited this" line of lies. The truth is that in the last 100 days. President Obama has quadrupled the national debt. It was not inherited at all. This falls clearly on his and his cronies in Washington's shoulders. It cannot be passed on and blamed on anyone but those who are creating it.

This cry of make the evil rich pay for it because they are skimming by is class warfare. It is those who live on the dole of the American taxpayer that need to get a job and pay for their own way. That is who needs to pay for this.

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