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Wednesday, May 13, 2009 

Is the C.I.A. out to get Democrats?

The latest round of crying wolf from the Democratic leaders in Washington is that the Central Intelligence Agency is out to get them. The same self assured, pompous, self righteous leaders who want to punish the CIA and the military for daring to even question anyone who wants to, or has attacked the United States. Are now up in arms claiming and propagandising the truth of documents that prove they (the democrats) knew of certain interrogation techniques.

With the appointment of Leon Paneta as the director of the CIA, a very partisan player and leftist. Does anyone truly believe that with Leon at the helm. That there would be a push to get Democrats. This is absurd. This is misdirection. This is typical left politics of change the story to make themselves out to be the victims of some radical right wing conspiracy.

Any one else notice how with the removal of the current commanding General in Afghanistan and replacement of a hand picked General by Obama that now all the pundits and MSM want to call the war Americas war and not Obama's war. Where as in the past it was never Americas war but George Bushes war. All this rhetoric coming out of the mouths of these leftist is bunk. It is nothing more than another attempt to deceive the American people and distract us from the truth of their (the lefts) agenda. Another false accusation to gain sympathy from the brainwashed grey matter of uniformed Americans who want handouts.

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