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Thursday, May 21, 2009 

Gitmo to Colorado? I DON'T THINK SO!

So some think that just because Colorado has the super max in Florence. That we should accept the terrorist from Gitmo to be moved and kept here. Well I have a few choice words on that. Several of which I can not say in mixed company do to the mention of mothers and dark crevices that these people have their heads shoved into.

Let me hit you with a couple facts. The fastest growing cult in prisons is ISLAM fundamentalism. Three of the four terrorist just caught last night in New York were converted in prison to Islam.
More radical political extremist come out of prison then go into America's prison system.

Colorado's super max already has enough violent anti American filth in it as is. Do we really want to put the good people of Florence, Canyon City and the smaller communities at risk with more of this filth? I do not think so. As matter of fact I am pretty sure with the exception of the Peoples Republic of Boulder that Colorado does not want these terrorist held here at all.

I would love to be able to tell people that if we mount a campaign and put the pressure on Mark Udall, and Micheal Bennett that we could prevent this. However this would be nothing more then a waste of time and effort. These two do nothing Senators are nothing more then lapdogs of the leftist regime that is entrenching itself deeper into the American government.

Pressure will have to be applied to the left leaning Gov. Bill Ritter. This will be hard as he is trying hard to be another lap dog of Obama's and the cronies in Washington. He is though, the man we need to seek pressure upon to prevent making Colorado an even bigger, higher priority target on terrorist list of targets.

Now I know the left who from time to time like to read my blog and respond will say this is all panic and false hoods. Yet I ask then why do they not take these criminals (as they like to think of them) into their own home neighborhoods and towns. They won't.

I do in all seriousness ask this. If these prisoners are truly criminals as the left claim. Then why are they not sent to Europe and the world court. Let them stay there in prison and wait for the world court to hear their cases. Oh the world court has no jurisdiction on this? Yeah right. They have jurisdiction only when it serves their purpose and agenda. The world court is there for this purpose and now would be a perfect time for them to show their true pursuit of law and justice by taking these criminals against humanity and try them.

Colorado is not part of the world court system and if Obama wants to play the game of doing things with the world approval. Then he must seek to have these prisoners sent to the world court. Held there for trial, and sentenced there. Not in Colorado!

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