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Friday, May 22, 2009 

Pelosi press conference or press avoidance

Well here you have it. Once again Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi refused to answer any questions as to her accusation that the C.I.A. lied to Congress. This is a major implication and warrants a in depth investigation. Not one of the showboat dog and pony witch hunts that we have become accustom to.

Earlier this week the Socialist party (democrats), circled the wagons and shouted down literally any investigation motion into this accusation. It is turning out to be a big case separated along the party lines. The lines in this are Republican and Socialist. Those who want to find the truth and those who want to make political hay out of it.

Is this the leadership we want, need , and voted for in Washington? Not hardly. For those who wanted hope and change. They need to look deep into the mirror and ask themselves if a further move to oppression and removal of individual freedoms was what they wanted.

Some credit needs to be given to the press corps. As they are beginning to see the light. A few of them that is who do not work for FOX. The bandwagon of defending socialist seems to be loosing some of its passengers. As some reporters continue to hammer home questions on Pelosi about her statements and wild accusations. Nancy Pelosi still feels the heart inside the protective circle of her cronies in the socialist party.

Pelosi said "I will have no more to say." when asked about this topic. Clear avoidance of the issue. Bringing up other speakers and topics in which they refuse to be clear on as well. The culture of corruption is more entrenched in the socialist party then believed.

As information comes out on the ACORN debacle, increasing unemployment rates, money for pork that seems to be going to relatives of elected officials in the socialist party (Murtha). Still no charges in the frozen money of Jeffers refrigerator. We have a big problem here.

I would love to see any reporter, including FOX ask the basic questions.

1) When will there be any real investigation into the culture of corruption?

2) With the increase of unemployment, just when will the transparency we are promised come out about the stimulus finances?

3) Now that the stunt of having a speed reader read the environmental bill to Congress. How many more absurd stunts may we expect out of the Socialist party in passing their agenda against the will of the people?

There are many more questions that come to mind. Specific questions on the shenanigans of this joke of a Congress we are having to endure. Unfortunately these will never be asked nor will they ever be answered.

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