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Tuesday, May 12, 2009 

Obama supports alternative energy????

Now that we see the truth in the auto industry. The fact that despite the ever popular lie being presented that President Obama does not want to run the auto industry , yet does not trust those in this field to run it themselves. Turning over control to what the obvious problem in the past has been, the unions greed. The unions now have control of two out of three in the American manufacturing sector.

SO how does that sit with all you union supporters? Chrysler filling bankruptcy and being sold to a foreign company and G.M.C. closing up shops here and moving the jobs out of country, all the while looking to still file bankruptcy themselves come June. makes the tax payers wallet a lot lighter now doesn't it.

So with the big green push in how we should live and run our lives. We heard time and time again that we must seek and secure alternative energies in order to become independent from foreign fossil fuels. Yet there is now consideration to nuclear energy or the halt to environmental law suites preventing the building and upgrading of coal energy.

The next lie being told is how the Government and the Obamanation administration is actively seeking alternative fuels for our transportation sector. Ones that will truly free us and do the planet "mother earth" some good.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu outlined some of the reasons why the administration will drop hydrogen fuel development.

“We’re very devoted to delivering solutions — not just science papers, but solutions,” Chu said at a news conference. Yet Chu himself promotes only one sided and often disproved and documented as false pseudo science on climate change.

The fact that production models were planed to be sold in 2012 to the public for around $30,000 dollars has nothing to do with the government pulling funding. The real reason the government has pulled funding is that it cannot get its greedy grubby hands in on the profits.

Sec. Chu would go around spewing the Obama line of it is to expensive and not perfected. Al the while pushing the electric battery car that limits drive time, drive distance, and the individual freedom of the road to the American consumer.

The following excerpt from the Department of energy web page,


pretty much sums up how this current administration looks to alternative energies.

Currently, licensing and building a nuclear power
plant entails substantial risk and uncertainty, different
in character and degree from that related to other
electricity options. With that said, recent experience
suggests that climate concerns may make it almost as
difficult to site and build a coal power plant as a
nuclear-powered one. This risk and uncertainty makes
it difficult to control the financial and material costs of
building nuclear power plants and increases the rates
of return required by the private sector to invest in and
build them. Reducing such risk and uncertainty is one
possible role for U.S. Government policy.

The lack of any real interest is clearly shown in the above paragraph. The outlook of control and cost of verses profit in the way of taxes and regulation out weigh any serious effort to move to alternative energies that would benefit the American.

So does Obama really want alternative energies or is he still looking to control our lives in every detail.

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