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Thursday, May 07, 2009 

More Political Union Payback

If you did not believe that Obamanation and his cronies were beholding to the unions well here is another payback fact. Just look at the budget cuts that Obama is proposing now.

The White House today, is proposing a 9 percent cut in the unit of the Department of Labor that is in charge of regulating unions. the unit that keeps the unions semi legal and not profiteering on the unions members and businesses.

The budget looks like this, $45 million in 2009 to $41 million in 2010. The reason for the reduction ion funds was cited as an insufficient “workload” for the office. Even though under former Sec. of Labor Elaine Chao of the Bush administration. The Office of Labor-Management Standards took its job of policing unions seriously. Its actions led to 929 convictions of corrupt union officials and to the recovery of more than $93 million on behalf of union members.

So where will the money actually go? The Obama administration proposes shifting resources to the department’s Wage and Hour Division, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These agencies police businesses not the usual bullying of unions upon companies and non union workers.

The next question is if this is really shift in budget funding then where is the SAVINGS to be found? Again it appears that we have political payback and real VOODOO economic budgeting

You are absolutely right. This is pure political payback and nothing that anyone in the government has ever seen. Union members are the real losers in this. The union officers at the highest level are no different from corporate officers.

Now that the Union owns G.M.C., I wonder how the average union worker feels knowing that his job is being shipped out of country.

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