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Sunday, May 10, 2009 

Mavericks sore loosers

There just may be a Basketball God. After watching what clearly was a poorly officiated game the Denver Nuggets managed to win against the Dallas Mavericks and the officials.

With one second left on the clock after Carmelo Anthony sinks a three pointer. One that put the Nuggets rightfully up by one point. The Mavericks just were not able to sink a basket themselves with time left.

After the game the team owner, Mark Cuban demonstrated clearly why he has to be the worst sport in Basket ball. Not only was he on the court shoving people in disgust of loosing the game. He pranced around like a little child who was told no.

Leading the way his players followed his example with verbal assaults upon the officiating crew. Being restrained by team staff Howard for the Mavs played it up for the cameras in the loss. His verbal demonstration of poor sportsmanship needs to be fined by the league. However one doubts that that will happen as it is clear the league is bias in most of its decisions.

Many commentators today are talking about the lack of a call in favor of the Mavs with Wright trying to foul Melo in the last couple of seconds. Yet if these commentators want to be taken seriously maybe they should call attention to Nowitzki and the lack of fouls he is called for.

If a player should be called for fouls here is a candidate that is in the top two for the league. Nowitzki has a nice touch and release for shooting , yet he kicks anyone who is near him. Clearly a foul. One of which on any lot ball court would see him on his back as the other player would snatch his leg and flip him over.

One can easily go back and review the game film and count the fouls Nowitzki committed and should have fouled out in the first half. The shoving from behind under the basket as a Nugget went up for the rebound. Were these called? No they were not. Was there a foul called when Carmelo Anthony had his arm almost twisted off? No again a lack of a call, but one that should have been.

Lets face it the fouling total of this game was high, yet it could have been much higher. Usually in the last two minutes , especially in the last minute officials let the players play. Unless it is an extremely flagrant foul they do not call it.

Dallas really has nothing to complain about. Denver had a less then 30% shooting rate. Their game was off all around. Yet Dallas was never able to pull to more then a 6 point lead on Denver. Denver out classes Dallas not only on the court but off the court as well.

Mark Cuban needs to watch George Karl a little bit more. Karl, even when clearly the call was bad and costs Denver the game he does not throw a fit on the court or in front of the cameras. Maybe Cuban should sit in his private box instead of by the court. This way when he acts like a spoiled brat the cameras will not catch it and he won't have to answer the questions about his behavior.

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