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Wednesday, May 13, 2009 

Release of pictures, who does it help

With the race by the left to release photos of "supposed" abuse by the American military against terrorist operatives, thugs, and murderers. The question is who does this help in the big picture? Well seeing how the left has the disbelief that it will instill a renewed faith and trust in the American government by those who wish to kill us. They are insistent that the photos be released. A one sided propaganda effect that is and will only benefit our ENEMIES.

If those in charge, aka Democrats, really want to restore trust maybe they need to look for the trust factor in the American people first. I would think that it is more important to have the trust and faith of those who you serve before seeking out the faith and trust of those who have no say in American policy and politics. That the trust of those who do not like us, care for us, and hate us should be a secondary factor if not last on the list.

However if you look, all you have to do is skim over a glimpse of what is happening. Our government is seeking international approval before it seeks domestic faith and security. This current administration and leaders in Washington are making a full court press to have the world pat us on the back and approve of our policies.

A quick look at Chamberlin and his policies before World War two were very similar. Have Europe and Germany , led by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party like us. A return to failed Jimmy Carter mid east love us first plans of remove any Israeli as a sovereign nation backing in peace plans for squabbles in the region. It is preposterous and piss poor.

The military has investigated, reviewed and punished those who may have committed acts and crimes under the Geneva convention and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Now if this is another smoke and mirror effect on trying to be transparent in government. Then this current administration is pandering only to those who hate us and the left (which really is the same people, and ideology).

The current administration gets an F on their report card. They must then release not only all pictures from the Air Force one debacle, but name by mane of who was on this flight and the exact where abouts of President Obama at the time of this fly over. A release then of all secrete and top secrete documents period. If they want to pursue this line of thought cameras must be placed in the Oval office and a cable channel dedicated to showing all meetings. All documents and list of names of those who attended these health care meetings that were behind closed doors involving the thugs at SEIU union.

A release of all documents and financial documents that ACORN has and refuses to release, concerning their agenda and where the money comes from and where it goes. Will we see this? Hell no we will not. Why, because it is counter intuitive to the left and their push to ruin this country.

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