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Tuesday, May 05, 2009 

Pandering Tour, GOP does not get it!

With the 2010 midterm elections just over a year away, the Republican party just does not get it. As the Obamanation rolls forward with their socialist plans and the utter destruction of the once greatest nation in history. The GOP wants to continue along the pandering road and move to the left. Despite the MSM and their cohorts in office claiming that the Repugnant are moving to the right. It is far from the truth. The core of conservatism has been and always will be to the right of center. Yet the leadership of the CINO (conservatives in name only) keep pushing for a move left.

John McCain and his daughter calling for moderation. Jeb Bush coming forth and speaking about forget the past and move on, a leftist call. Mitt Romney pushing moderate policies that manufacture larger government. Arlen Specter crying about how the GOP left him, in reality he never was with the GOP but he himself moved left at a pace that out distanced the GOP move.

The continual call that Ronald Reagan is the past voice of the conservative movement is still a lie. President Reagan was a moderate, who played the JFK domestic policy and kept his finger on the trigger when it came to defending this country. Reagan made you feel good to be an AMERICAN. A feeling that the left hate. They want to make all Americans feel guilty for the fact that their fore fathers created the best damn country in the world. That we do not need the world but the world needs us. The left would have you feel bad about this.

Ronald Reagan said B.S. to this and stood proud in being an American. His policies domestically on the economy were toned down Jack Kennedy ideas. This does not mean that they were bad. It just means that hey everyone has good ideas now and then.

Our country is facing the greatest fight it has ever fought. This is for the identity, and soul of this nation. Are we going to be a failed , broke socialist state. Or shall we continue to lead the world with individual freedom and a proven economy that gave the individual the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

Who is going to stand for this country? As proven they do not have to be a hard line conservative, i.e. resident Reagan. However they do have to have a little common sense and a LOVE for this country.

So what do those who want to be the new face and voice of the GOP do. They bring forth the idea of "lets be moderate". This will bring people back into the fold of the party. What absolute nonsense is this. This is why people have left the party. In fact it is why I left the Republican party and now am independent.

I am not wanting to move down the road to the left at a faster pace. In fact I would rather move back to the right and have this country truly be moderate on the political spectrum. Instead we are left of center and moving further left with the aid of CINO. A call for movement to moderate beliefs is a call to move left. Make no mistake about this. It is an abandonment of principle and values.

This is what the left want. For those in this country to accept their ideas and way of life. Even though it opposes a working and successful model of limited government and individual freedoms. The CINO are praising this and doing just that. Leaving their core behind and the values that this country was based upon.

If you look at the true polls and see what the great people of this country want. It is not a move left, or a move to be "progressive and liberal in thought". It is for less government intrusion, a return to individual freedoms and to be proud of this nation again. A far cry from what the CINO are preaching.

What one needs to do is take a close look at which states are making it and which , like Colorado are running as fast as they can to the left and disaster. Those states that remember that their elected officials represent the people and not their own agenda are the states that are successful. Texas, Alaska, Louisiana, Mississippi. States that have a closer to conservatism leadership then others. These states are not asking for or demanding more and more money. These states are being run by responsible fiscal leadership.

The CINO are jumping on a wave of populism and letting this country fall in international standing. The lack of true education, by allowing rewritten history, green agendas, and social feel good curriculum into the schools. Instead of standing up for the basics and teaching children they want to let the brainwashing continue. Ask a young person toady basic questions on civics, math, history, and you find incorrect answers and hogwash.

Is this a representation of core principles? No it is not. Neither is the growth in government. Larger government is more intrusion into the individual and their life. This is not what the founding fathers fought for and died for.

So if you go and attend the pandering tour. Make your voice loud and heard. Let these CINO know we will not abandon our beliefs just to elect a further left candidate with a socialist agenda.

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