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Monday, May 04, 2009 

Empathy and Justice??

I am sorry but despite the liberal feel good stance of the law needs to look at the social side of things. Empathy has no business in the court room. The law is the law. It is not written to be subject to what feels good and what the mob wants. The law , as many say, Lady justice is blind. It is for a reason that she is blind. She shows no favoritism to anyone.

Yet President Obama wants a legislature on the bench to replace Justice Souter. More liberalism nonsense in the judicial arena. This is a bad, bad idea. We have enough problems with judges who think that they are legislatures in addition to justices. This creates bad president for all.

Obama claims he is looking for a person who is qualified and reputable. Yet if we hold him to his illegitimate word (meaning he lies). He is going to try and jam, through another unqualified person to sit on the highest court in the land that will ignore the Constitution, consider foreign law, and side with the witch hunts now going on in Washington.

This is another attempt to pack the powers that be against the people and the Nation as a whole. Just look at what he has done so far in placing "qualified" persons into positions of authority. He has failed miserably. Incompetence in everyplace you look. From Janet Napolitano to Chu in energy.

Now we are expected to believe that he is going to place forth candidates that are going to look out for our interest in the law? Don't you believe it. It is a falsehood and misdirection in the process of making this country another failed socialist attempt at governing lives.

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