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Wednesday, May 06, 2009 

No law broken, so let us dis bar them.

Well look at the actions now of the thought police. Once again it is the war of ideas and political philosophy that comes under attack.

The Bush administration lawyers who advised the use of certain techniques to make murders talk. Have according to reports not broken any laws , however this is upsetting to the left. So in pursuit of their high and mighty position of protection for those other then American citizens. They are now looking to take away the jobs of these lawyers. The recommendation of disbarment is being pushed through to Attorney General Eric Holder.


When that inquiry neared completion last year, investigators recommended seeking professional sanctions against Bybee and Yoo, but not Bradbury, according to the person familiar with the matter. Those would come in the form of recommendations to state bar associations, where the most severe possible punishment is disbarment.

Vincent Warren, executive director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, called the decision not to seek criminal charges "inconceivable, given all that we know about the twisted logic of these memos."

Warren argued the only reason for such a decision "is to provide political cover for people inside the Obama White House so they don't have to pursue what needs to be done."

What Warren really meant to say is this .... the reason they will not pursue false charges against these lawyers. Is the fact that everyone knows this is a political witch hunt and they are looking for protection for themselves. This is to protect them after the liberals loose their position of power and retribution may be at hand. They do not wish to be held accountable for their own actions and possible punishment for abuses of power.

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