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Thursday, April 30, 2009 

ABC News, Obama, Endanger the lives of Hero's families and Heros

In the pursuit of false atrocities against those who would KILL every American if given the chance. ABC news under the guise of independent investigating. Take the lefts witch hunts and expose two American Heroes and their families to danger by releasing their names and where they are located.

The left and its allies in the MSM who want to castrate all American defense and tactics in the WAR AGAINST TERRORISM, have gone yet again over the line of common sense and good judgement. By exposing who and where these men live they have given the Islamofacists targets for their attacks against our offense and pursuit in topping them.

Who are these Heroes? Well I will not name them here or show their pictures. All I will say is that Drudge and ABC have it all. Now these men who designed and helped prevent another 9/11 attack and who knows what else are exposed to the radicals who call themselves a peace full religion.

Is , God forbid anything happens to these men and/or to their families the blood is on the hands of not only the traitors at ABC, but on President Obama and his cronies in Washington.

If there are any decent lawyers out there who still believe in America and those who willingly ready to do what has to be done so that we can sleep easy at night. Then they should get ready to take these TRAITORS to civil court and sue them for all their great great grandchildren will ever earn. Charges of complacency and will full negligence as well as sedition, and co conspirators in the harm of these Patriots.

This is not just an outrage but a crime against this country and all who serve to protect it. No wonder ABC is a dieing propaganda outlet.

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