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Saturday, May 02, 2009 

Domestic Extremist and PROUD

First let me explain as to why I am a domestic extremist.

1) I support the Constitution as written

2) I believe in the rule of law not popularity

3) I am a combat veteran who is conservative in belief


5) I believe in smaller government

6) I support the true meaning of equality and not the political correct definition that allows for and gives special rights to certain groups over the majority

7) The second amendment hangs above my gun safe

8) I am a CCW permit holder, and will defend myself

This being said there are more reasons as to why. With the newly defined Homeland security definitions from Obamanation and his cronies as to how I could be a poster boy for their ideas of hatred. It suffices enough that for the above stated reasons that I fit their definition.

Yesterday I was entering a Wal Mart, wearing my Border Patrol hat, when a gentleman stopped me to talk.

"Are you a member of the border patrol ?" he asked.

"No Sir I am not but I whole heartily support these men and women who are trying the best they can with their hands tied behind their backs." was my reply

We talked for a few minutes and I thought it a little strange that he should want to whisper most of the conversation. It was after 5 minutes or so that he reviled as to why the hushed tones. This is what is coming reality as he is not the first to admit this.

"I apologise for the whispering but in today's climate one does not know who they speak to and who they will tell. You have to be careful of what you say anymore or they may come and get you." was his conclusion to the conversation.

Now this is America. We are supposed to have freedom of speech. The right to assemble peacefully in numbers. The right to voice our decent and to hold our elected officials responsible. Yet here we have another man who is worried about speaking his mind.

The Obamanation in the White House is slowly and surely taking away our freedoms and his cronies are actively pursuing those who oppose them and the leftwards march of socialism. Look at the witch hunts being reved up in the House and Senate. All trumped up and hearsay notions of violations of the law and the trust of the people. Yet this so called transparency is like a brick wall. Behind closed door pacts, shafting of even their own party members. The blatant refusal to enforce the law and even re description of the law.( Janet Napolitano said that illegal crossing of the border is only a civil offense when in reality it is a crime, a felony for second and third timers).

Now the Homeland Security clowns have issued a new release on what is a threat to America. Here they list everyone except Muslims, their jihadist training camps (of which there are 32 in the United States that are known and active).

We have a government and President who think that the private business sector is criminal and that they should be in charge of it. The political payback to unions for their support in the election. G.M. and Chrysler being owned and controlled now by the U.A.W union , while the private stock holder is being screwed out of his/her legal investment.

I oppose this, and if that makes me a DOMESTIC EXTREMIST , then so be it.

You're a hypocrite, not a patriot. You hide behind your self serving dribble and stain the reputation of the true Marine heroes who have shed blood so we may all be free, and so you may act foolish.

I hide behind no one. I served proudly. I am consdervative in my views and beliefs of God, Country and Corp. I earned the title, did you?

I do not claim any hero status nor do I seek such. Maybe you have a hero complex and wish to be one. Not me.

Because my views are not yours, you call me a hypocrite and foolish. I bet youdoughnuts to dollars old Chesty would agree with me more often then not on my views.

So run off to what ever hole you came from. You can hide behind your leftist beliefs and cry foul. That is your choice and CONSTITUTIONAL right. I will not change my opinion nor my values to please others. I do not play the popularity game.

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