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Sunday, June 14, 2009 

Who is the bigger threat?

So who is the bigger threat to the safety of the United States? Is it the religion of peace that calls for the genocidal removal of the Jews? The killing of innocents because they are not Islamic? It is possible that they are.

Or could it be North Korea, who seems to flaunt their nuclear capabilities in the face of the world. Testing and retesting their capabilities to launch an atomic weapon as far as the western shores of California. Calling for a declaration of war on any country that stops one of their sea fairing smuggling operations of exporting weapons of mass destruction to any one who is willing to pay. Putting an end to the armistice that has lasted since 1953, forcing a military buildup along the DMZ that has not been seen since 1951. Making South Korea very nervous.

Could the number one threat come from China. A country that for the last 5 years has been readily flexing its military muscle and saber rattling. A country that our own government seems fit to turn over our economy to. The selling of bonds and private companies in order to move forward a leftist agenda of oppression on the American people. The likes of which we have never seen.

Or could the real threat to America, its citizens and the future of this great country come from a place much closer to home. A place we once trusted with leadership and responsibility. Washington D.C. and specifically the White House. With an incompetent President who seems to say one thing and do another. Blaming the past administrations for their own short comings. An increase in unemployment while raising taxes. Redefining the role of government into such an intrusion into the daily life of the citizenry that the average person is afraid to peak their mind.

An inexperienced administration that is clueless on issues of national security and foreign policy. Restraining the military in operations with lunacy orders that hamper operations. Demoralising the military by telling them that those they fight have more rights under the AMERICAN Constitution then they do. An administration that will not use our natural resources or explore the possibility of nuclear energy , because they deem it not safe. Yet turn around and give 200 billion to a foreign (United Arab Emirates) to develop nuclear energy. Just who's side is Washington on?

So where is the bigger threat coming from. Where can we turn for leadership as the world becomes more threatening then it has been since the October Cuban Missile crisis. Something to think about. Is there still hope for any change that is meaningful?

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