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Friday, June 05, 2009 

Obama still doesn't worry you?

Despite President Obamabi's pretense and faux paw statement of false condolences to the families of the DOMESTIC TERRORIST attack by Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad. A recent convert to the mythical peace loving religion of Islam. Any real or imaginary heart felt sympathy is out the window after the B.S. lie laced speech he gave in Cairo.

First lets look at his false statement of we are a large Muslim nation. Since when does less then 2.5% of a population denote a majority? It does not. The figures he has lied about are extremely high at 7 million Muslims in America. If this is the case we know that just last year we went over 300 million people in this country. Even I can figure out the math on this one. It comes out to 2.333333% as being Muslim. By far not a domination of Islamic belief here. Yet President Obama said we were a large nation of Muslims. Fact that there is only 2 to 3 million and a much smaller percentage of Islamic followers in this country does not matter to the anointed one.

Next in four months this man has appointed more Czars to political offices and circumvented the process of appointing a cabinet that does the same thing. There's a drug czar, a U.S. border czar, an urban czar, a regulatory czar, a stimulus accountability czar, an Iran czar, a Middle East czar, and a czar for both Afghanistan and Pakistan, which in Washington-speak has been lumped together into a policy area called Af-Pak. Also the Health Czar, the Pay Czar, Cyber-security. In total there are plans for at least 20 Czars to be appointed and make Washington even more bureaucracy inflated. All of these POLITICAL APPOINTEES, are nothing more political payback and an end run around the Constitution.

These Czars have no legitimate authority yet are not answerable to anyone other then President Obama. This is scary as they can command an up and down vote without debate from the House and Senate. Now this is a thumbing of the nose at the Law of this country in which open political debate once was expected and the way things were done. However Obama and his cronies are slowly and surely removing this option and replacing it with a fascist state of rule.

The World apology tour continued. No President in our history has ever gone and down graded this country as much as this man has. His lack of understanding , or simple ignorance of the truth is mystifying. He has no concept of the reality of many things that have gone on before him and during his life. A clear example of this is how his family seems to be the only ones who did anything during WWII. First discredited was the story of his uncle liberating a concentration camp. This story was widely disproved. Mainly from his Uncle denying the story full heatedly. Now it seems his Grandmother was the only one who inspected new aircraft for the military. Next I suppose we will hear how it was another ancestor of his that was shot in Boston that started the revolution.

Why was it that we were not allowed to mention his Muslim connections during the election but now he promotes the connections proudly and loudly to the Islamic world. his father a devote Muslim, even though we know his father was a devote Marxist and womanizer. One in which we know he did not regularly attend the a Mosque. His step father adopted him and in Indonesia he was a leading student of Islamic studies.

Are you paying attention to the economy. President Obama tells us along with his wife Michelle. That we must tighten our belts and live with in our means. Why then do they flaunt themselves. A trip to a Broadway show that cost in excess of $300,000.00 dollars and forced others in attendance to wait while he made his grand entrance. The dinner date trip to Chicago that cost another $300,000.00. Now a second 747 jet to fly Michelle and the kids to Paris France so that they can meet up with Barrack. The sending of this jet back to the states EMPTY. Is this being frugal? No not even close to it. This man is out of control and a snob.

His Wednesday evening dinners that are supposed to bring the people closer to the White House. Laughable!!!!!!!!!!!! Those that attend these dinners are beltway insiders. There are no common people in attendance. If they wanted to be closer then they would pull people out of the tourist line and have them attend these dinners.

We are into deficit spending as never seen in history. He DID NOT INHERIT THIS MESS, IT IS OF HIS OWN CREATION. Jobless reports are still massively in 6 figures per month. The unemployment rate is at a 25 year high, and where are the new jobs he supposedly was to create? The expansion of government is at an unprecedented rate. The welfare state is on the rise and an American work ethic is rapidly disappearing.

The world is laughing at the United States and Obama seems to think it is with him , unfortunately it is at him and us at the same time. Hugo Chavez has even come out and said that he (Hugo) is to the right of Obama politically. A fascist oppressor like Chavez to the right of Obama? My goodness his is unreal.

The UNCONSTITUTIONAL take over and nationalization of American businesses. The auto industry, the finical sector. A proposed takeover and removal of any legitimate health care by nationalising the whole system why political elites receive quality care. Leaving you and I to suffer with services that will deny medical procedures that will save lives. Is this the change people voted for? Unfortunately there are those out there who's brains are so corrupted with liberal propaganda who say yes it is.

Now Obambi and his cronies claim Osama Bin Laden is not a real threat to this country. Yet I recall his campaign promise that he would find this man. hell Obambi refuses to even acknowledged domestic Islamofascist who KILL, (Arkansas recruiter shooting).

If these first four months are any indication of his leadership and what we have to expect. You better be worried my friends. Not just worried but scared.

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