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Saturday, June 13, 2009 

Who needs Enemies, we have Judges

We might as well run the white flag up the old flag pole right now. If this current trend of "hope and change" are what we can look forward to. Now an ignorant, moronic, S.O.B. Federal Judge has said that terrorist/war criminals (which is what a terrorist is, a criminal and violator of the rules and regulations of war), has the right to sue the Federal Government and the lawyers who helped to set policy.

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White of San Francisco is the first Leftist Judge to say a government lawyer may be held potentially liable for the abuse of detainees. Of coarse this guy would be from San Francisco. He obviously has never served in the Military or even bothered to read the laws of war.

This asinine ruling has opened the door along with the craziness of reading prisoners their "Miranda " rights on the battle field, to removing any effectual capture of an enemy. Basically what I am getting to is this. The Military will not take prisoners now. It will be kill them where you find them. Thus now Intel from captured enemy personnel.

What is next? The families of killed in action enemy combatants suing our military for killing their son or daughter in a bombing run?

This ruling is based on the Jose Padilla case. A case in which this punk is not being treated as he should be. Meaning he needs to be taken out and shot for treason. Instead he is being paraded around by the left in a legal circus in order to handicap our military in their pursuit of our freedoms and security.

A clear and still unjustifiable Bush Hatred Syndrome is in effect with this moron. If this is supported by President Obama , and it more then likely is. We do not have any hope and the change is allot worse then expected.

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