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Friday, June 12, 2009 

U.S. MIlitary now world police.

Yes that is correct. With the socialist President and left wing progressive Congress, the American military has now achieved the butt of the old joke about United Nations legal enforcement of international law.

With a midnight, behind closed door order. President Obamanation has instructed the military to read Miranda rights to prisoners being taken in combat, specifically terrorist in Afghanistan. This is incredible. Undeniably a clear move to a world government where non American citizens are granted more protection then American citizens.

There are in place a set of rights and protections to legal combatants in war. There are clear rules as to how illegal combatants are to be treated and what rights they have. Terrorists have few rights as they are gutless murderers of innocents on a battle field. By giving them civil rights under the American Constitution we have condoned their actions. This is not just a mistake but an insult to any one who has, is, and will serve in uniform. It is a threat to the safety of citizens every where in the world.

It is not possible to put a C.S.I. unit in the field while mortars and enemy fire is coming in. So how will the prosecution collect evidence when some shyster lawyer will claim fabrication and lack of hard evidence under civilian law practice. It basically is giving a free ride to these thugs.

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